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Cheapest Medical Scheme In South Africa

Hospital Insurance from R310 Medical Aid: Cheapest Day to Day Medical Insurance: From R344 Medical Aid: Hospital Plan Medical Aid: Fully Comprehensive Gap Cover. COMPARE QUOTES. Accept Terms & Conditions. If you’re looking for the cheapest medical aid, your best option is to join a hospital plan, rather than try and make your budget stretch to a comprehensive medical aid option. Hospital plans are cheaper because they only cover costs related to in-hospital treatment, including surgery, ward fees or specialist fees.

Our pricing starts from just R249 for an individual, including medical and trauma assist, armed response cover, roadside, and household assist services. EMERGIVAC is not a medical aid, but thanks to our partnership with Clientele, we can give you peace of mind that you and your loved ones are covered in a crisis.


Cheapest Medical Scheme In South Africa - Discount Place

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