Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs

Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs


One Dozen Eggs $49


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    Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs


    Once you purchase, we collect your eggs and ship them Monday or Tuesday so they reach you by the weekend. Our fertile hatching eggs are carefully and individually wrapped, given plenty of padding, and shipped by USPS Priority Mail with air cells up. All deliveries are held for pickup at your local post office to spare them any additional bouncing, jarring, rough handling, and inhospitable temperatures they might experience on an hours-long local delivery truck route. We make every effort to ensure your eggs arrive safely and in good condition, however, we have no control of them once they leave our possession. By purchasing our fertile hatching eggs, you understand and accept that we cannot guarantee how our eggs will be treated in transit through the postal system nor can we guarantee delivery within a specified time after we ship the eggs (USPS is responsible for guaranteed delivery - if they fail in that regard, you may file a claim with them). Extreme temperatures, travel and flight-related air pressure changes, rough handling, delays in transit and delivery, x-ray machines and other factors can all affect the hatchability of eggs. We have no control over these factors. We also have no control of the conditions under which you incubate your eggs. FOR THESE REASONS WE DO NOT GUARANTEE HATCHABILITY. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not purchase this item.


    We stand behind our products and service and guarantee that your order will arrive intact. We pack carefully, pad generously, and include extras when available. In order for this guarantee to be in effect, you must:

    1. PICK UP AT THE POST OFFICE and make sure the box is in good condition (if box is smashed, punctured or damaged in any way, you will need to file a claim with the post office - we will be happy to assist you if necessary).

    2. OPEN AND INSPECT THE CONTENTS AT THE POST OFFICE as we cannot be liable for any damage once the eggs are removed from the premises. If you receive fewer unbroken eggs than you ordered, contact us IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING YOUR INSPECTION, including picture(s) at the post office of the box(es) and all damaged eggs.

    We will promptly refund you the cost of any damaged eggs (not including shipping charges).