Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up my eggs or chicks?

Yes, we offer local pickup in Granbury. Make sure in the checkout process that you choose "free local pick up" for the shipping method so you are not charge any shipping fee. Once you place your order, we will coordinate a date and time for you to pick up.

Can you ship my eggs or chicks to me?

We can ship eggs to you. We are not shipping chicks at this time, they must be picked up from our farm.

I've never hatched eggs before but want to try, is it hard to do?

Great idea, and no, it is not difficult to hatch your own eggs. It is simple and easy - anyone can do it. All you need is an incubator. Many incubators are fully automatic and keep the eggs at the correct temperature, monitor humidity (you just add water when necessary), and turn the eggs for you. There is much good information on the internet, so do your research, then give it a try!

Can I get a mix of breeds in my order of one dozen eggs?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate special requests. Contact us for availability of the breeds and quantities you would like to combine in your egg order.

Do you sell started birds or laying hens?

From time to time, we may have started birds, laying hens and mature cocks. Typically, we hatch in Spring, so may have started birds in Summer and laying hens/mature cocks in the Fall. However, currently we are selling out of our hatching eggs and chicks, so it is doubtful we will have many, if any, started birds and mature birds to sell later on. If you really want to raise some of our beautiful birds and get pretty, colorful eggs like ours for yourself, we highly suggest ordering chicks to hatch.

Do you know anyone who has laying hens?

I do not personally know anyone who has laying hens for sale. Good breeders have  high demand for their hatching eggs and chicks, so generally will not have any selling stock left to raise to maturity and sell at that time. I know people getting started in chickens want eggs and they want them now! Our advice is to start with high-quality chicks from a good breeder. Cheap, fast, lower-quality chickens are often less healthy, may be less productive and (in our experience), much less pleasant to be around and look at day after day. Since a low-quality, less attractive chicken costs the same to house and feed as a beautiful, pleasant, productive chicken, it makes sense to choose the latter, especially because you will most likely have your chickens for years. Purchasing and raising your chickens from chick-hood to adulthood is very rewarding, and the few months it takes go by quickly. Before you know it, you'll be getting eggs, and have the satisfaction and pride of knowing you raised those fantastic birds!