Cream Legbar Ladies
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Sky blue to light green CL eggs
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CL babies
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Auto-sexing Cream Legbar chicks
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CL chick in hands
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CL pullet
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CL hen
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Rocky Roo
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Cream Legbar


Cream Legbars are the world's most popular auto-sexing breed! They are calm, friendly birds. The gentlemen tend to be good flock protectors and courteous eaters. The ladies are charming in their sweet feather crests and are high producers of delicate sky-blue to light green eggs. Their auto-sexing ability is awfully convenient for those who simply must know the sex of their chicks at hatch. Males are light-colored with a blonde head spot, females have a dark chipmunk stripe down the back and dark eyeliner. This breed is well-known for their excellent foraging skills. If allowed, they will happily hunt down every delicious bug, plant and grain that they can in your yard, increasing their nutritional intake while reducing their feed consumption. Even though they love free ranging, they can also do well in pastured pens or coops and runs. These medium-sized birds can produce up to 260 large colored eggs a year. We highly recommend this breed for their uniquely good looks, dual purpose practicality and easy-going personalities.


All Cream Legbars in the United States were imported by Greenfire Farms. In 2010, they brought in two breeding groups, then a year later imported additional Cream Legbars with complementary traits. The birds were generally robust layers of blue eggs, but their coloration contained more gold and chestnut color than is called for in the British standard, they currently sell chicks from these flocks as "Production Legbars."

In 2013 and again in 2016, Greenfire imported Cream Legbars from Jill Rees, a top CL breeder in the UK whose line has significantly less chestnut color than Greenfire's Production line, and whose show wins include first and second place at the National Poultry Show of Great Britain. This line is know for producing birds with superior in conformation to the accepted standards for Cream Legbars. It is also known for producing eggs with a greenish tint.


Our Cream Legbars are a mix of all imports - A, B and Rees - for maximum genetic diversity. At Granger Farm, our top priorities in breeding are excellent health, hardiness, and longevity; high production of eggs and good provision of meat; and raising friendly and beautiful birds that are a pleasure to own for your suburban flock, homestead or small farm.


Cream Legbars are so amiable and sociable. They get along well with each other, with other breeds and with their people keepers. And of course, we love our daily collection of their exquisite eggs in delicate blue and green shades.


Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs: $5 each

Cream Legbar Chicks: $15 male/$30 female/natural mix $20